GUDOK is about life.
It’s glamorous, easy, rough, bright, colorful, delicious
and sweet. It’s your life, it’s my life.

It´s life

In every large city, you can feel the hustle and bustle in the streets, the variety of different
people living their lives as diverse as they are. That´s big city life. The streets show many
different faces, sometimes rough, sometimes glamorous, sometimes easy and colorful.
So does life!

At heart

GUDOK is located in the heart of the city center of Samara, next to the central station and
becomes part of this street life, with its people, where life takes place.
At GUDOK you find the same mixture and variety and the lust for life like in the streets.
Different scenes for different people and for different moods.

For every mood. Continously.

It´s bright - on the street market with the local stands, it´s colorful - when everything turns
pink looking through the giant rose-colored glasses, it´s sunny-relaxing at the roof tops, it´s
peaceful swinging over the lawn. It´s glamorous - at night and it´s delicious - 24/7.

It’s Gudok. It’s life.